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  Whether in Hengtian starting, growth and development process, or in the strategic goal of Hengtian, we have always paid attention to talents.

  We firmly believe that: talents are the cornerstone of Hengtian to take off.

  Hengtian Group always takes talents as the basic strategy of the development of enterprise. Hengtian, with its unique talents  recruitment strategy, wide career development space, excellent talents growth environment, effective incentive mechanism and advanced  enterprise culture idea, has become talents gathering hall.

  For career? - Hengtian Group provides a good platform and development space for talents;

  For treatment? - Hengtian Group designs competitive programs for talents in different positions

  Feel culture? - With strong cultural atmosphere, Hengtian Group constantly strengthens the internal cohesion.

  With strict selection and correct use, adhering to the principle of "fair, impartial, open and objective", Hengtian Group has established a scientific system of human resources, to make each talent with both ability and entrepreneur spirit develop, create and realize their own value. This is the talent strategy of Hengtian Group.

  The management team of Hengtian itself is a young, dynamic, better educated and professional management team. Under the guidance of the whole management team, Hengtian cohesion and work efficiency are further enhanced.

Hengtian believes that the improvement of quality of employees is the guarantee to improve the quality of enterprise, so a fair evaluation for performance of each employee will be made;

  Hengtian recognizes and respects employees' personal interests, and shares the development benefits with employees;

Hengtian believes that the success of the team must be based on personal success, so staff quality of work and life are improved constantly.

  We need talents, also need talents who can dissolve into the team and enterprise and realize self value on a higher level. The company is committed to creating a self learning and self-motivation team environment, to let each employee strive, grow and create the great cause together with the enterprise.

  Hengtian, with broad mind, welcomes professional talents from all walks of life to join us. Whether you are a towering tree or a strong vine, in Hengtian, you will converge into vast forests, through wind and rain together, and grow together.

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Shenzhou South Road,Xingang
Industrial Park, Zhengzhou, China


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